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Im Weltkriegsspiel War2 Glory errichtest du dein eigenes Imperium und schlägst große Schlachten mit Dutzenden Einheiten. FAQ Einwohner Einwohner sind für den Spielverlauf ungemein wichtig, werden aber oft "unterschützt. WAR2 Glory bietet mit seinen 40 historischen Einheiten, modifizierbaren Städten und Forschung eine Herausforderung für jeden Spieler. Jetzt spielen!

War2 Glory

War2 Glory spielen und den Krieg gewinnen. Du leitest deine Stadt und entwickelst sie mittels neuartigen Technologien weiter. Mit starken Truppen hast du in der. WAR2 Glory bietet mit seinen 40 historischen Einheiten, modifizierbaren Städten und Forschung eine Herausforderung für jeden Spieler. Jetzt spielen! War2 Glory ist ein free2play Strategie Spiel, welches im Zweiten Weltkrieg spielt. Bei diesem baust du dein eigenes Reich in eine starke.

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War2 Glory is a free-to-play, browser-based, real-time strategy video game where players take control of realistic World War II forces. Become an Army Commander and build your troops, engage in battle, and take over regions to expand your territories. Use over 40 different authentic WWII vehicles to dominate the battlefield. Engage in real-time strategic combat, and control vehicles, air, and. War2Glory Information and Reports. -Private First Class (PFC) 5k reputation 5 Amber Necklaces and 2 Platinum Rings. -Corporal (CPL) 30k reputation 10 platinum rings and 5 gold bracelets. -Sergeant (SGT) k reputation 10 gold bracelets and 5 agate pendants -Staff Sergeant (SSG) k reputation 10 agate pendants 5 jade necklaces -Master Sergeant (MSG) k reputation 10 jade necklaces and 5 sapphire pendants -Warrant Officer.

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This is the rubberband effect in action. Your action may also appear differently to other players. While you see it as a rubberbanding effect, other players may see your character as idle or motionless, which is commonly seen on players who are experiencing heavy lag.

Rubberbanding is confusing for you and your opponents, and it definitely takes the fun out of the game. What is a traceroute, and how does it apply to War2 Glory?

Think of a traceroute as an 'audit trail' for your War2 Glory connection. Your data is usually routed through several servers between you and the War2 Glory servers.

A traceroute helps you measure and visualize the route your traffic takes, showing you each gateway or 'hop' along the way. For your connection to War2 Glory, your data packets will usually travel across multiple 'hops' to get from your computer to the server.

Your data will often change hands across various networks to get from Point A your device to Point B the game server. A traceroute measures your data packets as they're set from your computer across all the various 'hops' between Point A and Point B.

When you use a traceroute, your connection history is recorded as "round-trip time. What is latency and how does it affect my response time in War2 Glory?

Latency is a term that is commonly used in online gaming. Latency in an online gaming context refers to the average total time that it takes for your computer to send data to the gaming server.

Latency is measured in milliseconds, and a second is composed of milliseconds. On the other hand, your game response time is the time it takes for the data and the corresponding event to reach the game server and then back to your computer.

Basically, your response time is 2x the latency which means, if you lower your latency by ms, you'll also reduce your game response time by ms, which is half a second.

If you lower your latency by ms, you'll also lower your game response time by ms, which corresponds to a second, and so on. The lower your latency, the faster the data will be delivered to the game server and the quicker for the data to return to your computer.

A low latency connection time will have a significant improvement in your gameplay, especially on fast-paced games like War2 Glory where you need to execute an action quickly.

We have dedicated servers across different countries which will reduce the number of hops needed to transfer between different servers.

By using wtfast, you have more chances of lowering your latency and achieving a much better gaming experience. How do I see the different 'hops' between me and the War2 Glory server?

To better understand the path your internet traffic takes to get from your device to the War2 Glory server, you'll want to use a traceroute.

In wtfast, we show you a map that traces the estimated route your data packets are taking to get from you to the War2 Glory server.

A standard traceroute is much less visual, showing you a text-based list of 'hops', along with the latency between each point. The latency between each point in the traceroute is measured using the ping time between two points.

How do I get rid of lag on War2 Glory? So, you're into a crucial moment in a game against your friends.

Your only chance of getting ahead is to make that one good shot. You're in position, ready to attack, and is on the perfect line of sight; then there was a sudden frame freeze.

The next thing you know, you have been killed and your team has lost the game. We know, this can be a great big bummer. If you're experiencing this, you might want to do something about your lag.

For all of our sakes! A lot of gamers have this problem, especially withWar2 Glory. Here are simple tips on how you can get rid of lag in War2 Glory.

First, check the system requirements of the game. Your PC may be inadequate to perform the processing power that War2 Glory needs.

If your computer does not meet the requirements listed on the game's system requirements, you should upgrade your computer to the specifications mentioned therein.

You may also opt to downgrade the system requirements by reducing the resolution and graphics quality in-game. You can decrease the resolution and graphics rendering by tweaking the game settings in the options menu.

Try to experiment with different graphics options, like reducing screen resolution, render quality, lower texture resolution, etc. Remember - multitasking is bad!

If you were a professional football player, would you try to stream Netflix while you played? Probably not. Focus is a good thing. Consider shutting down all programs and devices that are consuming your bandwidth, because you need to dedicate all of that to your online gaming.

Wired connections are also more preferable than wireless connections because they are faster and more stable.

Try turning off your software updates whenever you start playing online. Although you need to keep your computer up-to-date, there is nothing wrong with turning off software updates for a moment.

Mid-game software updates could sabotage your bandwidth and will likely cause lag in your game. Turn these updates off ASAP, and you will surely see a positive difference.

If none of these work, we have one more solution in store for you. It's wtfast! At wtfast, we are dedicated to creating software that significantly improves your network performance.

Navy 10 Armour 10 Range 20 Population 1 Oil consumption 1. Laugh or cry, your foot soldiers use oil! Another thing: They are worthless except vs other foot soldiers.

The dispatch page opens up. Be aware of what the manpower cap is. The higher the GHQ, the more troops can be sent. Who has the best military officer?

That may be the better person to lead the attack. It may be necessary to delay the troops so the people invited have time to join. Be aware, that the manpower cap will be divided equally between all who are invited.

So if you have a manpower cap of , and you invite 3 friends, each person will only be able to send of troops. They can not send their troops in a joint atack until you have invited them.

Confirm afterwards. Let your friends know they are invited. As stated earlier, the person who has done the inviting is the one who will be handling the battle.

The friends may make suggestions as to how to deploy the troops, but they will not be able to manage the attack. I am convinced there are many opinions on, which troops to train, but I have an opinion on that too.

They are not very good. There are other ways, and more effective at that. Better send some troops with them; any area may already be occupied by an enemy, in fact, most fields are.

If you choose the latter, you should choose Sell to player, and check the Sell within alliance only check box. Also set the trade time limit to 1 hour.

Perhaps not what you wanted, but better than getting plundered for sure. Ransacking fields is necessary, except if you choose to buy your jewellery from the Military Item Shop.

To buy anything in the Military Item Shop costs diamonds, and you will never ever get enough of those. Completing those missions give you a higher rank, which is necessary to get bigger.

And in this game Bigger is better! It is fine to send one scout plane and one political officer to ransack, provided you have taken care of any enemies first.

They can be seized and ransacked or plundered. When you need to complete a mission, and want to ransack a field, take the highest level field you are able to conquer.

Use an officer with good attack, and more than the necessary troops, just to be sure. When you have seized the field, dispatch a ransacking team consisting of 1 scout plane and a political officer to the field from within the map.

Recall the other troops when the ransacking team have arrived. View and choose Ransack. Let your troops ransack for 24 hours straight, or you may well find zero jewellery!

When ransacked recall your trucks and the political officer. The jewellery you have found will appear in your My Military Items page. If it is a field with a fairly high level, you may want to keep it, at least for a period of time.

When you hover your mouse over a field, you can see which resource it produces. But in the meantime, your production goes up, and if you have appointed a good political officer as mayor, he will provide you with nice bonuses on top of it.

The number of seized fields depend on the level of your city hall. A level 5 city hall means you can seize 5 fields etc.

Having another city close by not only boosts your feeling of success, it also provides you with one more source of resources.

Example of those below:. It is obvious that the production city is too unbalanced to go by itself. You will need to start off with more steelworks, oil refineries and rare metal plants, and later downgrade them and raise farms instead.

Another solution is to keep transporting the necessary resources to the production city. That requires a high level, well balanced city to work properly.

The same goes for the assault city:. The standard city layout provides you with an allround production just like your first city.

The production city gives you plenty extra resources you can transport to a city where additional resources are needed.

The assault city is the city in which you would station your troops permanently. When your army gets really big, it consumes an awful lot of food. The level of the different types of buildings in each type of city will evidently be clear for you as you go.

In ie. I must also point out that a coastal city needs a Naval Academy, why you must build 1 less of another building of your choice. I believe it would pay to have one city of each, instead of 3 standard type cities.

So having a supply city is very good. The closer they are, the better. Oil is expensive and time can be too.

Another good thing when you have many cities, is to name them alphabetically At the moment I have 9 cities, and they are named: Atlantis, Baris, Corinth, Delphi, Edessa, Fier, Gytheio, Helike and Itanos.

When I need to change from Atlantis to Gytheios, the latter is not visible on the tiny drop-down menu. Below is a list of what jewels you need for every new rank:.

I made the mistake in the beginning of the game, that I used some jewels for awarding my officers, and later I found out that I would come to need those jewels in future rank advancements.

Now I save every single piece of jewellery. The basins, grasslands, mountains, swamps and forests each contain different jewels, although you may find ie.

When ransacking a field, you have to seize it first. Depending of the level of your city hall, the number of seizable fields change. The higher the city hall level, the more fields you can seize.

When you have scared away the occupying forces from the field, or beaten them, you can send the ransacking force in. Some people send trucks and a political officer, while others send a scout plane and a political officer.

I am not sure how much of a difference it makes, except with trucks you get a small amount of the resources produced on that specific kind of field too.

When your ransacking team has arrived, you can recall your troops. You can seize with troops from city A and later deploy a ransacking team from city B, if all your political officers are busy in city A.

You must ransack for 24 hours straight, or you may find nothing. In those of my cities that have troops in them, I also have 2 or 3 good political officers, that way I can ransack more places at the same time.

Without a strong fighting force, and a competent Commander, your city is doomed. The units are historically accurate and based on the real forces of World War II.

Whether you need to engage in battle on the ground, in the air, or on the open seas you can build the force that you need to be successful.

The fortress walls of your city can also be equipped with bunkers, howitzers, anti-tank guns and anti-aircraft guns to repel your enemies.

With the right forces, and the right strategy, your victory is assured! Its cork-filled tires allow the vehicle to retain mobility over difficult terrain and during battle situations.

The light M4 Sherman is the primary tank used by the United States. Officers lead your armies and defend your Cities, they're abilities are very important, find out how to tell the General from the Private!

Divided we fall, United We Stand! Join an Alliance for mutual-protection, co-ordinate devastating attacks against your enemies and take part in the PvP-only Alliance Campaign.

Greift die feindlichen Städte an und gewinnt tolle Preise! By Copernicus Nov 26th , pm. By MarkusCologne Sep 28th , pm.

Your starting point if you want to know more about the game. By Copernicus Jun 14th , pm. If you have any useful info for new players or if you think you know something that needs to be shared, post it here!

By konsul Apr 30th , am. Regulamin forum. By Vilya Mar 10th , pm. By Ascoran Aug 1st , pm. Meeting point of all conversations on the world of WAR2 Glory.

Flash Facebook. By konsul Dec 2nd , pm. By hauser Aug 15th , pm. By WRW Yesterday, am. Heavy Industry Technology.

Loading Techniques. Metallurgy Techniques. Plunder Techniques. Prospecting Technology. Reconnaissance Techniques.

Steelmaking Techniques. Storage Techniques. Training Techniques. Axis vs Allied. How to build troops?

Officer Level - XP Sheet. Player Owned Officers. When you post proof of your claims on their forums, posts are deleted, and Aktien Kaufen Corona are banned. Welcome to the unofficial war2glory site! Here you can find information regarding the game. Ranging from battle reports to officer calculation. Keep in mind that it has been 2 years since the. Arret de War2Glory en décembre By Arusha69 (Nov 14th , am) Threads 62 Posts Forum Games. Play and have fun! 8 guests. War2Glory Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site FandomShop Fandom IG GalaxyQuest. War2Glory Information and Reports. War2Glory is a real-time MMO browser game, set during the great conflict of World War II. Players become the Commander of a small city and must build, defend, trade and expand to be succesful!. If you're experiencing this, you might want to do something about your lag. It is obvious that the production city is too unbalanced to Wir Sind Eintracht Braunschweig by itself. Instead, it was designed to handle large quantities of data shuttling between places in the most Konyaspor Fc way possible. How Hot Shot Slot "UO"? If you often experience pings that go higher than ms, chances are high that you suffer from ping spikes and jitter. War2glory the operating rate to the right of the tax icon according to whether the number of idle labour is positive or negative. Debreziner Officer can be defeated: 1. The number of seized fields depend on the level of your city hall. You may change these settings in defense tactics. Try turning off your software updates whenever you start playing online.
War2glory Erlebe in Loch Spiel Glory den 2. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? War2 Glory Bilder.
War2glory WAR2 Glory bietet mit seinen 40 historischen Einheiten, modifizierbaren Städten und Forschung eine Herausforderung für jeden Spieler. Jetzt spielen! In the real-time strategy game War2 Glory, which runs completely in your browser​, you take the role of a commander leading your city within a war-torn world. To. WAR2Glory. K likes. Im Echtzeit-Strategiespiel WAR2 Glory muss der Spieler als Kommandant sich und seine Stadt auf dem Schlachtfeld gegen andere. War2 Glory spielen und den Krieg gewinnen. Du leitest deine Stadt und entwickelst sie mittels neuartigen Technologien weiter. Mit starken Truppen hast du in der.

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